Our 5 plants located in Noida, Talegaon, Pondy, Durgapur, and Chennai are strategically located across India. Supreme Industrial Products Division provides a diverse range of products to Industrial Segments like automotive, appliances, electronics, durables, and other industrial applications. It manufactures plastic parts and sub-assemblies for OEMs and automotive tier 1s. Our division has a presence in all segments with over 20 categories of diverse products. It also caters to special products like Electronic Voting Machine parts, VVPAT, ATMs, etc.

The apt geographical location and distribution channel help us deliver our products across the nation efficiently. All the manufacturing units are equipped with high-tech machinery and tools like Injection moulding Machines, Assembly sets, Part Inspection facilities through CMM, post moulding facilities like Screen Printing, Hot Foiling, Pad Printing, Hot stamping, and a skilled workforce.

The division also does a lot of process development work for customers by optimizing processes, suggesting and validating alternate raw materials, value engineering / value analysis for cost optimization and quality enhancement, etc.

Together with men, machines, and materially supported by unparalleled experience & expertise and a huge infrastructure that enables the production of such diverse products for a variety of industries.

IATF 16949:2016
ISO 14001:2015
OHSAS 18001:2007
EN 16001

Frequently asked questions

What are the Industry Segments being serviced by IPD currently?

It mainly supplies Plastics Parts and Sub-assemblies to Industrial Segments like, Automotive, Appliances, Electronics, Durables and other Industrial applications.

What is the injection moulding Machine Range available with Supreme IPD?

Noida:- 26 Machines from 80 T to 1800 T Puducherry:- 23 Machines from 180 T to 2400 T Pune (Talegaon):- 24 Machines from 250 T to 2800 T Durgapur:- 24 Machines from 80 T to 2200 T Chennai:- 25 Machines from 150 T to 1150 T Ghiloth:- 15 Machines from 50 T to 1600 T Machine mix keeps expanding and changing as it is a dynamic situation

What are the commonly used plastics in Automotive?


What are the technologies available in IPD?

Ultrasonic / Vibration Welding Facilities Gas / Foam Moulding Facilities Painting Facilities for Small Components Robot Facilities Special Purpose Machines Customised Assembly Lines Steam Moulding

What are the post moulding values added operations done?

Cockpit Assembly Pillar trims Assembly Dashboard Assembly Liner Assembly Door Assembly Console Assembly Full Product lines for Coolers and Water Purifiers Sub Assembly lines AC IDUs, Washing Machines and other durables

What are the Quality Testing/Inspection devices available?

CMM Spectro photometer Gloss meter Inspection Fixtures And many more

What are certifications achieved by Supreme IPD?

AIATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 , EN 16001-Energy Management System certified.

What is the conventional / unconventional conservation of power generation facility available in IPD Plants?

Some amount of solar power is used in most of plants of IPD. Apart from that DG Backup is also available for uninterrupted power supply in all the plants.