Frequently asked questions

Are all the products Supremes supplies food safe?

  • All of the packaging Supremes supplies are food-safe materials/products.
  • Official letters from Supreme demonstrating that our products are compliant with FDA and EU regulations are available upon request.

How many layers of material can supreme extrude?

Supreme can extrude up to 7 layers.

Should MVTR and OTR be considered when selecting a packaging materials?

Yes, both OTR and MVTR should always be considered when selecting packaging materials for specific products. For example, some products will become rancid or oxidize in the presence of oxygen. For these types of products, a high barrier packaging film should be selected. Supreme customer support representatives are always available to help guide the appropriate package choices to best protect your product.

What basic information does supreme need when recommending a film structure?

Please provide the following information when requesting help in determining the best film structure for your product and application: • Details of package content • Anticipated shelf life (current shelf life and new goal if desired) • Filling temperature • Post filling heat treatment including temperature, time, and pressure • Storage and shelf temperature (ambient, chilled, or frozen) • Any required features (printing, easy peel, easy tear, zipper, etc.)

What is MVTR?

  • Moisture vapour transmission rate is the rate at which water vapour will permeate through a film at specific conditions.
  • It is measured in units of g/100 in2/24 hr in US standard units and by g/m2/24 hr in metric units.

What is OTR?

• Oxygen transmission rate is the rate at which oxygen permeates through a film at specific temperature and relative humidity conditions. It is measured in units of cc/110 in2/24 hr in the US standard units and by cc/m2/24 hr in metric units.

Why is slip (control of COF) needed?

• Slip facilitates performance on packaging lines to ensure constant or smooth tracking and smooth operation. When COF is too high or too low, the film will not run as it should. It needs to match the packaging machine COF specification.

What considerations should I factor into material selection related to our operational efficiency?

• Performance on your equipment, production speeds, and waste are important factors to consider. We work closely with you to ensure that the products you buy are the best match and value for your operations

What are Supremes lead times?

• Generally Supreme delivers custom packaging solution in about 8-9 weeks from the point of artwork approval by the customer. Delivery of items that Supreme keeps in its warehouses is typically done in 4 weeks from the point of order.

• What if I need my order faster than your typical lead times? Can supreme fulfill a rush order?

The ability to fulfill a rush order is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The decision depends on work load and product availability at any given time. We try to accommodate rush order requests whenever possible. To initiate a rush order, contact your supreme sales or customer support representative. If this is a first-time order, simply call the sales representative will help you.

Can I set up an account with supreme or must I prepay for all orders?

• Customers are always welcome to prepay orders or work on a cash basis. However, Supreme also works with many customers on credit. A credit application must be submitted before supreme will complete any work on a customer's first order. For a complete copy of our Credit Policy or to initiate a credit application, contact a Supreme sales representative or customer support representative at the location nearest you.

Does Supreme require a minimum order?

• Yes. We require a minimum order of 1500kgs.

What are your minimum run quantities?

Minimum run quantities are determined from the amount of packages that can be produced from printing a master roll of film. This is dependent on the size and style of the package being produced. Please call for specifics.

Where is Supreme’s customer support located?

Supreme customer support is located in Solitaire Corporate Park Andheri (east), Mumbai, India. You may call the office at 022 4043 0076, Monday through Saturday, 9:30am to 6:30pm IST

What are the different packaging formats you offer?

We offer Roll Stock, 3 Side Seal bags/Pouches, Bottom seal bags, both side gussets with bottom seal bags • high-quality rollstock is one of the most important elements to produce reliable flexible packaging. It enables increased production efficiency and reduces scrap and waste; add superior graphics and engineered specifications to meet your individual needs. • 3-Side Seal Pouches • These pouches are sealed on all three sides to increase product protection, and they deliver enhanced consumer convenience due to reclosable feature options. 3-side seal pouches also offer increased run-speeds with Form, Fill, and Seal machines.

What traceability measures are in place for the production process?

With all this talk about validations and quality check measures, what happens if there is a problem? How will your supplier expedite remediation? Does the production line stop, your delivery date get pushed back? This is why traceability measures must be in place. Not only will a full traceability protocol help to prevent problems, but when they occur, having the valuable intel readily available allows for quicker resolution.

What information do I need to get a quote ?

To provide you a quote, we need details about your project, such as packaging type, dimensions, product to be packaged, and quantities. If you are unsure of project details, our experienced customer service and sales team can walk you through the process. Please contact us at ……..and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Will I see proof of my Art Work ?

Yes. All new custom packaging items will have a proof created and sent to the client for approval.

Do you offer Bio degradable products ?

All of our custom flexible packaging products have the option to be manufactured from bio-degradable film