FIBC Liners

FIBC liners are efficient ready-to-fill flexible packs that help in protecting the product during transportation. Its puncture-resistant properties and the ability to shield high-value products from UV light to protect the product from changing its color make it an excellent choice for packaging.


Ensure optimal product to package ratio and maximize product filling space with inner liner proper fitting

Available in form-stable and cube-shape designs for increased pack density and functionality

Package capacities up to 1 metric ton


  1. Ready-to-fill flexible package for efficient filling convenience
  2. Easily fill and dispense with custom spout designs
  3. Protect against moisture, oxygen, and environmental contamination
  4. Shield high-value products from UV light to prevent product color change
  5. Protect product during transportation with durable puncture-resistant properties
  6. Withstand tears and increase maximum seam strength with heat sealable packaging


  • - Hygroscopic resins (Nylon, Surlyn®, EVOH)
  • - Engineered resins and compounds (PLA and PVB)
  • - Dry chemicals used in:
  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • - Automotive
  • - Agricultural
  • - Construction