Hermetic Bags With Barrier (Anaj Kavach)

Hermetic bags or Anaj Kavach bags are air-tight bags that protect the stored items from air and moisture from the environment. These bags help in preserving the contents while restricting the existence of pests and insects by depleting the oxygen supply levels and producing carbon dioxide. This results in reducing the losses of food grains and increases the shelf life of it.


They are made up of PE EVOH which increases the shelf life of items stored in them

These bags have a thickness of 80µ

Reduce the losses of food grains due to pests by decreasing the oxygen supply and producing carbon dioxide

Retains quality of food grains stored in them for several years

An efficient method of packaging for safe transportation and distribution of products


  • - Used profusely to store food grains, cereals, and other items in bulk for a longer shelf life
  • - Used for packaging, transportation, and distribution of grains to far off places