With the input materials, we are capable of handling laminate structure involving – 5 /7 layer Barrier Poly, Polyester, BOPP, Foil, LDPE, Paper, and Metallised films. The laminates could be designed by combining two or more of the above materials, depending upon the end-use additionally offering versatile barrier combinations.


Our laminates can be formed from three materials (Triplex) or four layers (Quadruplex) depending on strength, barrier, or other requirements.

- Triplex layer formats: High Barrier: Pet-Alu-PE, ¨Paper-Alu-PE, Metallized Pet-OPA-PE, Pet-AlOx-PA- PE.

- Quadruplex layer formats: Four-layer laminates for ultra-high barrier applications including Pet-Alu-Pa-PE and Paper-Alu-Pa-PE.


Integrated packaging solutions for-

  • - Food and snack industry
  • - Concentrates
  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • - Pet care industry
  • - Cement industry
  • - Agricultural industry amongst others