Multi-Peel Lidding Films

The demand for smaller portion sizes and ready-to-serve foods has increased leading to an increase in demand for their packaging as well. Multi-peel films meet the needs of our customers and provide quality packaging solutions. It is broadly used in packing fresh food products that keep their taste for a longer period of time and are thrown away less frequently.


  1. Seals to mono APET and APET sealing layer
  2. Range of seal types including burst peel, locked seal, and reclosable
  3. Excellent transparency, gloss & clarity
  4. Low seal initiation temperature, suitable for thin APET
  5. Secure hermetic sealing properties can seal through fat and food residue
  6. Different barrier levels, including HB - high barrier, MB - medium barrier, and LB - low barrier
  7. High barrier ideal for MAP applications to optimize product shelf-life
  8. Dual oven ability – microwave and oven, withstanding temperatures from -40°C to 220°C
  9. Excellent film flatness and stiffness
  10. Source reduction, low carbon footprint, low disposal cost by weight
  11. Excellent anti-fog for chilled products
  12. Laser perforation for pressure release or breathable EMAP/CAP packaging
  13. Printable for package presence enhancement


Multi-peel films are used in the packaging of-

  • - Sausages, Cold Cuts, whole sausages
  • - Dairy products – Cheese, assorted cheese slices
  • - Fish in Slices
  • - Bread and pastries
  • - Confectionery