Reseal Lidding Films

Our resealable lidding films have diverse applications in the food packaging industry. They have changed the face of the food and beverage industry by providing day-to-day convenient packaging solutions.


Flexible applications

Rigid applications

Resealable pre-made pouches

Resealable stand up pouches



  1. Reliable resealability that provides easy functionality vs. sliders and zippers
  2. Resealable packaging provides source reduction by reducing additional packaging components in rigid tray / rigid lid applications
  3. Eliminates the need for labels with printable lidding
  4. Meets consumer need for easy open and reclose convenience
  5. Deliver safety with tamper-evident indicator options
  6. Easy open packaging – no knives or scissors needed


  • - Fresh food applications such as fruits and vegetables
  • - Refrigerated applications such as meats, lunch meats, and cheeses
  • - Shelf-ready applications such as snacks, cereal, etc.
  • - Hygiene and household products