UHT Films

UHT (Ultra High Temperature) is a way to sterilize food by raising its temperature to very high levels (135-150°C) for extremely short periods of time (1-4 seconds). This process is mainly used for milk but is also used for cream, soy, yogurt, wine, and soups. We are suppliers of Co-extruded Multi-layer 5 Layer EVOH Barrier film for UHT milk packaging.


Thickness: 90µ to 120µ

Black and white films

Flexible films are recyclable and environment friendly


  1. Shelf Life - EVOH based flexible films offer a shelf life of up to three months of UHT Milk packaged therein when stored at ambient temperature, whereas a 3-layer PE film offers a shelf life of only about 48-hours if the packaged milk is stored and transported under refrigeration at a temperature below 4 degrees celsius.
  2. Economical - When compared with Tetra Pack the cost of EVOH-based packaging material per liter is almost 1/3rd of Tetra Pack and the difference in shelf life is not much.
  3. Lesser transportation and storage costs - EVOH-based film rolls have 1/7th of the volume as compared to composite laminate required for Tetra Pack, thereby huge savings in packaging material transportation as well as storage.
  4. Cost-effective packaging system - UHT Milk packaging system that uses EVOH film is much cheaper than Tetra Pack Machines.
  5. Disposal - Disposal of empty / used EVOH based packs is much easier than Tetra Pack.
  6. Environment-friendly - Flexible films are recyclable whereas Tetra Pack cannot be recycled.
  7. Energy saving - EVOH packaging is an energy-efficient flexible packaging medium that results in saving of energy/electricity as no post packing refrigeration are required at any time.
  8. Wider marketing or distribution - Since EVOH Based film offers longer shelf life to UHT milk packaged therein which can be stored, transported, and sold in ambient conditions, it can be distributed even in rural areas where refrigeration is either difficult or impossible.


  • - UHT Milk, Fruit Juices, Soy Milk, Yogurt, and Sauces.
  • - Fruit Concentrates, Pulps, and Frozen Desserts.