Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum pouches are efficient methods for packaging as they have the property to protect items from oxygen, moisture, and other environmental damages. They are available in various sizes and possess great strength with high clarity. Supreme manufactures co-extruded barrier pouches suited for a wide range of perishable products which help in increasing their shelf life.


Our bags are made of the thickness of between 60µ and 180µ perfectly covered with a superior quality paper to prevent any entry of oxygen.

The Pouches are covered with a special treatment inner film at the barrier layer that extends its shelf life. This enables them to preserve food four to five times when compared to plastic bags or containers.

Excellent aroma retention power

Available as a medium barrier (PA/PE) or high barrier (PA/EVOH/PE)

Standard or cook-in (sous vide)

Superior abrasion and puncture resistance

Three side seal or tubular (bottom seal)

Several standard thicknesses

High-quality flexo-printing

Superior optics


  1. The vacuum pack gives an extended shelf life
  2. Protective gas keeps the product fresh without preservatives
  3. Excellent machine handling such that vacuum pouches do not curl
  4. Has extremely high gas and moisture barrier properties
  5. Possesses very good hot tack, seal properties, transparency
  6. Excellent mechanical properties at low thickness, great cost-efficiency
  7. Very good resistance to puncture and tearing
  8. Wide range of oxygen transmission rates for an increased the self life-custom design for a specific application
  9. Overpacking to protect against handling for hygiene during transport and presentation
  10. Vacuum packing is the way to go nowadays. Nobody wants to throw away the food leftovers. For those that don’t possess fridges, this can be the best way to preserve food by using our food vacuum pouches.
  11. The food vacuum pouches reduce the atmospheric oxygen and hence reduce the growth of aerobic bacteria which causes food decay. Food packages also prevent the most volatile components from evaporation.
  12. The main idea behind food vacuum bags is to remove air which is the main cause of food decay.


These pouches reduce the atmosphere in a package to protect and preserve the freshness of food products, such as-

  • - Bread and pizza
  • - Vegetables and salads
  • - Fish and meat
  • - Sliced meat and Salami
  • - Sausages
  • - Fresh pasta