General Applications

Silpaulin has a variety of other general applications because of its versatility such as covering machinery, raw materials, mandaps, monsoon sheds covering protection against sun, rain, dew, and dust. Its lightweight property makes it extremely easy to handle, transport and use. Supreme Silpaulin is fully recyclable and an environment-friendly film.


  • Hanger Covers
  • Privacy walls, Camping Tents
  • Protection for transit material
  • Scaffolding at construction sites
  • Covering of Raw Bricks, Cement, iron, saria, plywood etc.
  • Covering of Marble blocks
  • Truck / Tempo / Tractor trolly covers
  • Covering for Pandals, Monsoon shed, Mandaps etc.
  • Shed covers offer protection against Sun/ Rain/ dew/ Dust
  • Shelter for poor people/ Temporary Shelter for Hawkers, Fruits/ Vegetable vendors
  • Covering machinery, raw materials, packing materials, finished products, and paper cartons