Packaging for Transport

As silpaulin packaging is strong, durable, and customisable, it is used in packaging for large or odd-sized products that are sent internationally. During transportation or loading and unloading the cargo, Silpaulin can endure the pressure of wire ropes and other impacts. As a result, high-quality environmental protection is provided.

Many companies use Silpaulin as the inner liner of a box for component export. Due to the moisture-resistant properties of the film, it protects the product from corrosion. Silpaulin is an ideal film for flexi container liners/shipping bags/drum liners. The packed boxes stored in open yards deteriorate when kept for a prolonged period. Hence they are covered with Silpaulin to protect and enhance the shelf life of the boxes and products inside.


  • Machine covers
  • Flexi container liners
  • Shipping bags & drum liners
  • Industrial transport packaging
  • Packing of heavy project/ODC-cargo
  • Jumbo bags for storing industrial raw material
  • Packing & Covering of industrial products stored in open
  • Packing of export consignments
  • Inner liner for corrugated boxes


  • Silpaulin packing gives an aesthetic look to the product packed.
  • Silpaulin packing is widely used by industries for oversized/odd-sized products which are shipped overseas.
  • Silpaulin can withstand the pressure of wire ropes and other impacts during transportation or while loading & unloading during the shipment. Thus provides the most vital protection from the environment.